Emotions Wheel

Emotions; when you have one you be curious about it, ask yourself where in my body am I feeling it? if you feel it in your head, ignore it because it will pass when you do something different. If you feel it in your heart, sit with it & ask yourself why? If you feel […]

Panic Attacks & Anxiety Tip

If you are prone to panic attacks or moments of anxiety think of the little dog left outside the shop. He may feel abandon & start to shiver yet observe him for a couple of minutes & see the shiver subside. Animals & children allow this natural release of stress however as adults it becomes […]

The Power of Now

‘The greater part of human pain is unnecessary, it is self-created as long as the unobserved mind runs your life’ writes Eckhart Tolle in his book, The Power of Now, my current read. We all have pain somewhere in our bodies, my dear Dad would say “pain is our bodies way of telling us that […]