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Life & Addiction Coaching – from stressed to your best!

Irish Life Coach Institute Dublin amp;

Life, Health Issues & Addiction Coaching – from stressed to your best!

Irish Life Coach Institute Dublin

What is effective Coaching?

Coach Tony Robbins demonstrates for millions worldwide the compelling change that a Coach can bring to your life.

Whether its Personal, Health Issues, Career or Addiction Coaching it is always a non-judgmental confidential present-future focused practice, it’s not Counselling which is a past-present based therapy.

As your coach I am your sounding board, a qualified professional who can help you, because the coaching mantra is, that we all have it within us, what it is that we need, to live our lives.

We just sometimes need an ‘outsider’ to hear our story as we see, feel, think and hear it, so we understand why we keep doing what we do.

One hour fortnightly sessions for Addiction or monthly for Personal or Health Issues Coaching.  Sessions can be online or I provide walking sessions in towns and cities across Leinster.   Thought-provoking, always moving forward, empowering you by offering clarity, strategies and action step towards your session’s goals.

I offer accountability beween sessions to keep you focused until the brain’s new pathways; habits, behaviours, actions etc are formed, because the brain detests change which is why it is never easy to create new habits, but you can!

Why Coaching? it’s similar to your journey as a learner driver, the goal is to put you in the driving seat of your own life, see yourself healthy or accepting change.

Coaching can bring hope to a hopless situation eg. every addiction begins with overthinking, even suicide begins with one thought.  A thought and feeling happen simultaneously, we get caught up in negative repetitive loops of up to 60,000 plus thoughts per day.

What is addiction? Dr Gabor’s defination; when you keep doing something which is impacting on your life and the lives of those close to you, yet you still feel compelled to continue doing it e.g. overthinking, overeating, co-dependency, social media, porn, sex, shopping, etc..

How does coaching help? coaching empowers you so your awarenesss brings you into the present moment, making better choices and not overthinking.  Coaching sessions equip you with tools, methods, building blocks and managable goals for your journey,  it can be a long road, but change is never a quick fix otherwise we would all be leading perfectly contented lives.

Reach out and take that first step.  Why leave until tomorrow what you can do today!

What is a Life, Health Issues & Addiction Coach ?


What is a Life, Health Issues or Addiction Coach?

What is coaching?

Coaching is always forward moving, empowering by offering clarity, with strategies and actions step towards your goals in between sessions.  Change is never easy because the brain detests it, but the good news is we can change.

Sessions are thought-provoking and can bring hope to a hopeless situation. As your coach I am your sounding-board, reflecting back a new perspective on your story, insightful and usually one you’ve never considered before.

I offer accountability beween sessions to keep you focused until the brain’s new pathways are formed, ie new habits, behaviours and ‘go to’ practices as oppose to the hard wired quick fix of chocolate, cigaretttes, phone, shopping, gambling, social media, poor sleep habits, inability to switch off, etc..

Coaching is always about empowerment, self- awareness in a non-judgmental, confidential safe space. Today is already forming your future, it can be different, don’t leave until tomorrow what you can do today!

Email to arrange a 60 or 90 minute fortnightly session for addiction coaching or monthly for Life or Health Issues Coaching.

Sessions take place online or I provide walking sessions in towns or cities across Leinster.

Personal Coaching €55, 60 minute online or walking coaching fortnightly or monthly sessions, Dublin & Leinster.

Coaching is self learning and developing self-belief.

Sessions are personal spaces for you to delve into possibilities and opportunities for building resilience for a sustainable life work balance.

Thinking is a tool designed to enable us live, learn and do things, etc., however our current every changing lives has our overthinking consuming us.

We need to be looking after our Mental & Physical Well-being, Self-confidence, Relationships, Time Management, Thoughts & Emotions and Addictive Behaviours and manage rapid change.

Coaching sessions are about finding out what is really going on in your life, self-learning and developing self-belief to go from stressed to your best, with managable action steps towards achievable reality tested goals, if there is no plan, nothing changes.  Take the first step & make contact today because it is your tomorrow.

Addiction Coaching €75- 90 minute fortnightly online or walking coaching sessions, Dublin & Leinster

‘When something is impacting on your life and the lives of those close to you, yet you still feel compelled to do it’

Overthinking is the pre-curser to all addictions, regaining control of your thoughts helps you get back control of your life.

The first thought triggers a feeling, followed by another thought another feeling; addictive cycle.

The pain in your heart, triggered by something or someone, now you need self soothing; a quick fix; addictive cycle.

The subtle voice in your gut is overpowered by the noise of your overthinking, you choose the external quick fix; addictive substance, instead of allowing the natural internal slow release of the DOSE; Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin & Endorphins.

Coaching helps you swap maladaptive for adaptive behaviours by providing methods, strategies, goals to enable you switch from the quick fix to the DOSE.

Addictions are not easy overcome but you can if you want to.  The first and hardest step is asking for help, the second is taking that advice.

Health Issues Coaching – €55  – 60minute session online or walking coaching Dublin & Leinster. (Covid Compliant)

A health diagnosis can turn our lives into a living nightmare, we just want to hide and hope it will go away.  Dealing with the future is unimaginable because it was not part of your plan. Health Issues Coaching is creating a new story for today because this is where your future starts. As your Coach I am your confidant, with a totally different perspective of your life than you or your family has.  Trying to maintain a brave facade is the start of a stressful relentless repetive loop.  Coaching helps you with coping mechanisms, positivity, action steps and strategies for new wellness goals. Affirmation; every cell in my body vibrates with health & energy, my body heals itself quickly & easily.  Saying this with belief and emotion creates a new mindset in those moment of pure helplessness, to get you out of the stressful loop. The first step to help today is the start of your tomorrow.


My Team & I 

Siobhán Mc Donald

Hi there

My professional background is customer services and management in finance, training, mediation, tourism and more recently Life & Business Coaching.

I’m part of a coaching consortium; Annabelle, Chris, Damien, Laura & Michelle we specialise in Career, Health & Fitness, Hypnobirthing, Leadership, Relationship, & Team Coaching, contact

Irish Lifecoach Institute trained my area is  & Addiction Coaching, walking and online coaching and presentation based training for your remote working employees or organisation, contact



“I am really enjoying my coaching sessions with Siobhan. She has helped me to get rid of old habits which were preventing me from getting on with my life.   My future is brighter and easier as I am learning how to make changes and work out what is best for me in a very relaxed yet enlightening way.”

– M Sinnott

“Siobhan provides me with the time and the space I need to figure out what I want to achieve. As our sessions continue having her as my life coach, I have a new job, I’m fitter and healthier, actively living my life, consciously making decisions that best suit me and my anxiety has decreased”

– M Andrews

“Through her listening, questioning, and insights, I have more awareness and balance in situations which previously would have overwhelmed me. With Siobhan’s help, I look forward to developing strategies to realising my dreams”

– D Casey


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“Siobhan helped me get rid of habits, my future is brighter & easier as I learn to make changes & work out what’s best for me”   M Sinnott

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