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Because when you Worry Your Sole Purpose is Survival

A Mind Massage & Coping Mechanisms

 Coaching with Hypnotherapy, NLP & or Havening 

Anxiety to Stress less/Balance in Busyness/Hiccups in Habits/Parking a Phobia/Joy on your journey/

Do you want to stop anxiety, a phobia or unhealthy habits?

Do you want to master unhelpful thoughts & emotions?

Do you want a healthier life/work balance now or in retirement?

Do you want to start your day in peace calm & comfort ?

Hypnotherapy, NLP & Coaching; is you in a resourceful place

Building from a positive base line for positive attitudes

creates positive states & positive behaviours=Results

Every behaviour even a dysfunctional one, has a positive intent for us eg vaping helps you de-stress, the intent is good, but the habit isn’t.

A Hypnotherapy Coaching session facilitates change because when you are in a positive emotional creative & resourceful place, this is where change happens. Hypnotherapy works because it is deep relaxation to quieten your chattering mind. Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP works because the language pattern technique changes thoughts & their related behaviours. Havening works as a psycho-sensory technique to release relaxing delta waves for trauma pain phobias enabling us to introduce change.

What Is Life Coaching?

“Coaching focuses on future possibilities, not past mistakes” – Sir John Whitmore 

“Quality Coaches drive quality results, improving your focus and overcoming your limiting beliefs” – Tony Robbins

“The opponent within one’s own head is more formidable than the one on the other side of the net” – Timothy Gallwey, Inner game of Tennis.

Rate how satisfied you are in each area of your life. This wheel exercise is designed as a positive helpful exercise to bring self awareness and focus to areas which would benefit from change through a session.

Most high performing Athletes, Sports Teams, Company CEO’s, Team Leaders, etc have a coach to see where unhelpful thoughts, patterns and behaviours are.

People will choose a therapist, personal trainer or Doctor or influencer because they want to and are ready to change.

Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy & NLP is transformation & relaxation, future focused, propelling you forward through relaxation to transformation.

Services Provided

Life Coaching -€45
Balance in Busyness

This 45 minute online/whatsapp/in person coaching & Hypnotherapy session is ideal for your early morning, because the opponent in our head can be formidable as we start each day. Or a lunchtime boost for a thought provoking creative process to inspire and focus. Or evening boost to overcome limiting beliefs, so you sleep better in a positive state. An ideal monthly top up, accountability or unexpected challenge.

siobhanmcdonald@mail.com or text +353879175171 for a return 📞

Coaching + Hypnotherapy, NLP or Havening €50-60mins €60-75mins
Hiccups in Habits or Joy on your Journey

A Relaxation & Transformation session equipping you with coping mechanisms.
Good habits can easily be replaced by unhelpful ones when we are tired, stressed, overwhelmed etc.
Learning to reduce stress, anxiety, worry & or panic attacks. Joy on your journey to unlocking your potential because this practice delivers results.

siobhanmcdonald@mail.com or text +353879175171 for a return 📞

Schools, Clubs & Business programs to recognise: TUMMY;
Tips You Master-
Mind Yourself!
Prices from €45 - €150

This 45 minute program per group or for Employee Assistance is targeted to it’s audience. 

Tips & techniques mastered for minding yourself.
Most of us are trying to navigate & stay in a positive state which a good baseline as we move into different states in each moment.
Being out of balance in our busyness can lead to stress, panic attacks as overwhelming demands are made upon us often by ourselves, driving us towards addictions.
Knowing how to remain in our body keeps us balanced both mentally & physically, because it’s all about our base!

siobhanmcdonald@mail.com or text +353879175171 for a return 📞

Meet The Team

Coaching is Key when you are ready to change but don’t know how to go about it. Sessions available online or in person in Leinster; Dublin, Waterford, Kilkenny Wexford or Carlow.

Siobhan McDonald

Life & Addiction Coach

As a Hypnotherapist, Life and Addiction coach I help you change where you want it. Creating awareness around your behaviours and coping mechanisms.

By knowing what you want and that something has to finally change. Engaging in active listening in a non judgemental environment.

Helping you learn rather than telling you how by offering you a different perspective on your story.

This is the start to your transformation and change, the best thing about Hypnotherapy is, it works, I’m no longer a slave to chocolate, and I never would have believed it, until now!

Get in control of your life today, yes it is that easy!

Annabelle Kehoe

Business & Life Coach

In my work as coach, I like to be an unbiased sounding board, ask key questions and actively listen to your answers. I help you spot patterns of unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that are not serving you well. I also like to give feedback and support to raise your awareness on challenges and opportunities in your life.


Laura Corrigan

Hypnobirthing Instructor, Birth & Pregnancy Coach, Parent Coach & Life Coach.

As a Birth and Pregnancy coach I help you prepare and offer support equipping you with your own coping mechanisms.
Hypnobirthing coaching helps prepare you for this life changing event enabling you to remain connected both in mind and body.
As a Parent coach I help you with the daily demands and challenges that your children and teenagers present with. Your coaching session is designed around your and your family’s needs.


I am really enjoying my coaching sessions with Siobhan. She has helped me to get rid of old habits which were preventing me from getting on with my life. My future is brighter and easier as I am learning how to make changes and work out what is best for me in a very relaxed yet enlightening way.
Mary Sinnott
Life Coach Client
Siobhan provides me with the time and the space I need to figure out what I want to achieve. As our sessions continue having her as my life coach, I have a new job, I’m fitter and healthier, actively living my life, consciously making decisions that best suit me and my anxiety has decreased
Mick Andrews
Life Coach Client
Through her listening, questioning, and insights, I have more awareness and balance in situations which previously would have overwhelmed me. With Siobhan’s help, I look forward to developing strategies to realising my dreams.
Deidre Casey
Life Coach Client

Certified with Irish Lifecoaching Institute, The Irish Institute of NLP & Paul Mc Kenna & IAPCP Affiliated