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Life Coach – transformation from stress to your living your best!

Irish Lifecoach Institute Dublin Personal Business & Addiction Coach

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Life Coach – Transformation from stress to living your best!

Irish Lifecoach Institute Dublin Personal Business & Addiction Coach

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What is a Life Coach

Coach Tony Robbins demonstrates for millions worldwide the compelling change a Life Coach can bring to their lives.

A coaching session is present-future focused, always forward moving and empowering you.

A Life Coach is your non-judgmental sounding board; deep active listening, reflecting your thoughts, a unique perspective on your story, insightful!

A  session can be online or in person, I offer walking coaching, because you are physical and mental moving forward.

Coaching sessions offer clarity, strategies and actions step towards achieve goals, with accountability to your coach.

I’m Irish Lifecoach Institute Dublin trained in Personal, Business, Executive & Addiction Coaching.

What is a Life Coach ?


What is a Life Coach

What is a Life Coach

Coach Tony Robbins demonstrates for millions worldwide the compelling change a Life Coach can bring to people’s lives.

A coach is committed to helping you achieve what you want quicker and easier than you would on your own.

We work through your problems together, finding strategies and solutions. As your confidant, non-judgmental sounding board, I reflect your thoughts which can transform your performance immediately.

Session can be online or in person.  I offer walking coaching so you physically and mentally move forward.

If negative overthinking or other is holding you back coaching offers strategies for achieving goals and measurable results.  I’m like Nanny McPhee, ‘when you need me but do not want me’, then you need coaching!

Personal Coaching €55 – 60 minute x 8 monthly sessions.

Coaching is learning about self and developing self-belief.

Below is a toolbox of possibilities and opportunities for building resilience for a sustainable life work balance.

1. Mental & Physical Well-being, 2. Belief Systems, 3. Time Management, 4. Developing Powerful Thoughts & Emotions, 5. Taking Control, 6. Avoiding Addictions, 7. Financial Reward  8. Neuroscience Coaching.

Without a plan or goals you are drifting instead of achieving.

Addiction Coaching – 90min session €75

Overthinking is the pre-curser to all addictions. Regaining control of your thoughts helps you gain control of your life.

Coaching helps you swap maladaptive for adaptive behaviours, practices and actions.

Sessions are thought-provoking in a non-judgmental safe space, so you see how addictions affect your life and the lives of those close to you.

Address the cause of your challenge with possibilities, strategies, action steps and accountability between fortnightly sessions.

Consistent attention to the state of your mind and body, like network mast, we are receptors not creators of our thoughts.

Business Coaching – 90min session €75 & Online 30min ‘Building Resilience’ Presentations for Employees

As a Start-up, Self-employed, Manager or Team Leader, you are often the sounding board for everyone else.

As your Coach I am your sounding board. A coaching session is a thought-provoking reflective process, a present-future focused fortnightly or monthly session.

Awareness of thoughts and our reactions to them can create new pathways to rewire your brain for focus, motivation, decision making etc..

Consistent attention achieves goals, essential for growth and living. Knowledge is a powerful thing, only if we do something with it.


My Team & I 

Siobhán Mc Donald

Hi there

My professional background is customer services and management in finance, training, mediation, tourism and more recently Life & Business Coaching.

I’m part of a coaching consortium; Annabelle, Chris, Damien, Laura & Michelle we specialise in Career, Health & Fitness, Hypnobirthing, Leadership, Relationship, & Team Coaching, contact

Irish Lifecoach Institute trained my area is  & Addiction Coaching, walking and online coaching and presentation based training for your remote working employees or organisation, contact

Call me on +353 (0)85 162 8696


“I am really enjoying my coaching sessions with Siobhan. She has helped me to get rid of old habits which were preventing me from getting on with my life.   My future is brighter and easier as I am learning how to make changes and work out what is best for me in a very relaxed yet enlightening way.”

– M Sinnott

“Siobhan provides me with the time and the space I need to figure out what I want to achieve. As our sessions continue having her as my life coach, I have a new job, I’m fitter and healthier, actively living my life, consciously making decisions that best suit me and my anxiety has decreased”

– M Andrews

“Through her listening, questioning, and insights, I have more awareness and balance in situations which previously would have overwhelmed me. With Siobhan’s help, I look forward to developing strategies to realising my dreams”

– D Casey


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Doing something different now, brings immediate change to your life!

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