The Power of NLP

Neuro refers to our neurology; our thinking process.

Linguistic is language; how we use it and are influenced by it.

Programming refers to the patterns of our behaviour and the goals we set, similar to a computer programme sometimes we need recoding.

NLP is checking that your beliefs and values are in line with the change you want. They are important because they influence and determine the way you think and behave.

Values are a measuring tool for the important things in your life, eg trust, friendship, family, a secure job, having a good image, enjoying life, etc. We get them from parents, school, college, friends & during our self-development etc.

What happens in a Coaching & NLP session?

Because we get our values and beliefs from parents, friends, teachers or others beliefs, they are unique to us and when we go against them, it can trigger anger, sadness, guilt shame etc creating anxiety or stress in our lives. These are useful and important emotions and parts of us that are necessary, they are signals that something is right but you just don’t need them to be ‘on full’ all day long.

In your session we work to ensure yours are current and aligned so you live a more peaceful, calmer, stress free life. 

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