Enjoy a deep relaxation session

A massage for your mind

Your subconscious is like an attic- everything you need is up there

Hypnotherapy is the torch to find it!

What happens in Hypnotherapy?

It’s deep relaxation enabling you to be absolutely focused on one thing to the exclusion of everything else.  A little like the relaxation in meditation, a massage or yoga for the mind, because this too is a muscle mass, it needs regular exercise to keep you and it in good shape, because the mind and body is one cybernetic loop, if one is out, so too is the other.

Hypnotherapy works in unison with both to recalibrate you, it’s easy and very very very relaxing, people love it.

How Does Hypnotherapy and Coaching Work?

Hypnotherapy quietens your chattering consciousness mind, so you get to listen to your unconscious mind.

Coaching uses your resources within to find out what you want in life because if you don’t know, life becomes like a Sunday drive, you end up somewhere, which is okay on a Sunday.

Future focused these sessions equip you with practical skills, coping mechanisms and adaptive behaviours, to stress less and reduce anxiety You also become more resourceful, motivated, confident, resilient, aware, healthier and sleep better. You learn to slow down and take manageable steps towards change.

Hypnotherapy is a powerful therapy because you master techniques and tips for minding yourself.
You discover your triggers, get control of unwanted thoughts and behaviours which facilitates your transformation.

Interested In Hypnotherapy?

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