Havening - As in Safe Haven

This is a relatively new area in therapy; psycho-sensory touch which is similar to when a mother holds a baby, we are hard wired to release more delta waves, creating a comforting, calming effect making you feel better.

It is used by the US & UK Military on service men and women after traumatic service abroad.  One trauma can lead to another leading to  dependency on maladaptive behaviours and habits to get a reprieve.

It works to heal, diminishing fears, compulsions, traumas; eg car crash, bereavement, self worth, self confidence, etc

How Does It Work?

Havening works because it uses your touch and a language pattern to create new neuropathways for your future perception of the event or trauma if it gets triggered.

It also works really quickly because it changes the biological structure of the brain through the release of different chemicals.

You can also use this method outside of the session once your brain has been reprogrammed to maintain and manage your triggers to this event or trauma, it can also be used to sleep well, for deep relaxing calm before IVF treatments, taught to children for calm at school, work, or in any environment wherever you need it.

Interested In Havening?

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