A whooping big hairy thought & feeling arrive at the same time. An emotion is the nervous systems association to thoughts and feelings.  A thought creates a feeling, the feeling reinforces the thought, an emotion arrives on the scene.

So we need to be aware & conscious when someone says something or passes a comment that we perceive as hurtful or personal.  If we go into overthinking mode ‘their’ feeling can become ‘ours’, our body reacts and there’s a possible big hairy negative thought, feeling and emotion.

How do you secure a furry positive thought, maybe by acknowledging it, be curious as to why you are thinking this way, eg that what others say is ‘their’ thought or feeling not ‘yours’, just like when you say something, it is ‘your’ thought or feeling.

We only ever have control over our own thoughts, feelings and emotions thankfully, because they are enough to contend with.

Try this week to notice which is telling you the truth, your mind or body, a clue, they are referring to it as our second brain.  Make a conscious effort to listen to it, so more furry positive thoughts, feelings & emotions show up during your day.

This & next week’s blog content is a whole lot of enlightenment from….. The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle

P.S. has your breathing slowed down yet from last week?