Examples of Coaching, Effective Coaching &  Coaching Definations

How does Coaching help?

Coaching is a results driven, 1 hour session, facilitating insights, opening up possibilities & opportunities for change & transformation.

Coaching’s insights facilitate strategies and solutions because it’s a thought-provoking reflective process so you see below your thinking iceberg.

Metaphorically putting you in the driving seat of your own life.


One defination of Addiction is; if a substance or behaviour is affecting your life and the lives of those close to you, yet you still feel compelled to continue doing it.
An example of addiction; overthinking; a thought & feeling happen simultaneously, creating & reinforcing the initial thought. Hooking you into a repetitive, negative loop, until you convince yourself that it’s all true.
In fact overthinking is the pre-curser for all addictions.

Thinking is a tool for us to use for living, learning, movement, making things, not for getting stuck in ‘loops’. A coach helps to get you out of these loops by challenging your thinking, reflecting it back to you, a unique and more truthful perspective.

An example of how effective coaching is for a people pleasing addiciton is that it makes us aware of the triggers which make this an addiction by our understanding the how and why we do what we do.
Coaching is effecive because it offers hope & empowerment, starting a session today is creating your future which starts tomorrow. As your coach it is all about patience, it is your journey and always and only ever about you.

€75 per – 90min online sessions or walking coaching in Dublin or Leinster. (covid compliant)


Personal & Self-Development

During a session you get to examine your life work balance, relationships, health & fitness, career, personal development; eg lack of confidence, stress, anxiety, etc.

A coaching sessions is a reflective process, creating often compelling change in your life, your thoughts from a different and unique perspective and seldom as bad as you see it.

Coaching creates awareness, empowers you with choice to do something different, evoking transformation, a mental operation.

€55 – 60 minute sessions.

Online or walking coaching available Dublin or Leinster (covid compliant)


Health Issues Coaching

Coaching should be a fundamental part of your life when you have health issues. If it’s a stroke, cancer, IV treatment, whatever the diagnosis and the difficulty accepting it. Coaching is an effective, measurable results practice, offering coping strategies for your current challenges.

It offers possibilities and opportunities from a unique perspective, evoking change, when otherwise the road ahead looks long and difficult. Unexpected Health Issues can send us on a different journey than the one we were previously on, however this doesn’t mean it should be a cul-de-sac or that you can’t change lanes. Rest and pit stops are part of the Coaching process equiping you with coping mechanisms and action steps to facilitate the bumpy parts of your journey.

€75 – 90 minute fortnightly or monthly online or walking coaching sessions Dublin or Leinster (covid compliant)


“The greater part of human pain is unnecessary. It is self-created as long as the unobserved mind runs your life”

The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle